The Best Kombucha Brands You Must Try in 2021

the best kombucha brands you must try in 2021

Kombucha, the fizzy, sweet fermented tea made from bacteria, yeast, sugar, and tea is taking the world by storm. This unique drink is full of probiotics – a combination of live, beneficial bacteria that restores and improves your gut flora.

Kombucha is great for your gut health and helps bolster your immune system. Due to its many benefits, there’s no doubt you’ve seen it at your favorite grocery store and coffee shop. However, tracing the origin of kombucha takes you back to 220 BC China where it was prized for the healing potential it offered. The health benefits kombucha offers include improving digestion, preventing the risk of infections, strengthening the immune system, and helping with joint care. Kombucha also contains many antioxidants which are important to supplementing liver health.

Kombucha is like nothing you’ve had before. A sparkling, fermented drink, slightly sour and flavored with many ingredients, you might experience every kombucha recipe as unique. The ingredients and the fermenting process will determine the complex flavor profile, appearance, and level of that fascinating kombucha fizz. If you’re ready to find your favorite Kombucha drink, we have curated a list of the best Kombucha brands to try out. Check the detailed product reviews below for even more information.

Best Kombucha Brands To Try

Detailed Product Reviews

With many options out there, choosing the best kombucha brand can be a lengthy journey. Here is the D&B shortlist of top five kombucha brands to try first:

<strong>Jackie Parker</strong>
Jackie Parker

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