The Best Electric Tea Kettle

best electric tea kettle

If you are a tea lover, you probably know that one of the keys to a perfect cup is your water temperature. However, getting maximum brewing temps with a stovetop kettle or a Keurig is not always straightforward. That is where an electric kettle comes into the picture. Most of them are practically effortless to set up to a specific degree or range. On top of this, they can even maintain water temperature for a longer period and will not emit that shrill whistle when the water boils like stovetop models.

These electric tea kettles come in various materials like ceramic, glass, and metal. Most of them have a concealed heating element that prevents burns and makes them super safe to use. It also typically comes with boil-dry protection, automatically turning off if you accidentally turn it on without water in it. There are also some which come with a dedicated tea-steeping basket, and hold temperature buttons. Have a look at the detailed product reviews below for more information.

Best Electric Tea Kettle

Detailed Product Reviews

Here we have rounded up the best electric tea kettles in the market. While researching, we have considered certain things like programmable temperatures or settings for different types of teas, size, and ease of pouring. We are well aware that everyone has different needs for their teas; hence, we have brought together the best electric tea kettles that you can buy, with different benefits to check the boxes you are looking for.

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