The Best Starter Moonshine Still Kits

The Best Starter Moonshine Still Kits

The process of making moonshine isn’t very difficult and can be accomplished with a set of basic tools and equipment. People have been making different types of distilled spirits for generations, we’re just lucky that the instructions and tools are a lot easier to come by than in the past! If you’re ready to try it out, we’ve made a ranking of the best starter moonshine stills.

Producing any type of distilled spirit can be broken down into two major stages:

  1. Fermentation – making alcohol from the “mash”
  2. Distillation – separating and removing the alcohol

At its root, moonshine is distilled liquor made from any grain or fruit, but most classic moonshine we think of today primarily uses corn as the main source of fermentable sugar. Once you sort out your recipe and ingredients, next you’ll need a dependable moonshine still with quality parts and construction you can trust.

Here are the official Distill & Brew rankings for the best beginner moonshine stills that will get you up and running in no time! Check out the more detailed product reviews below.

Best Starter Moonshine Still Kits

Detailed Product Reviews

You should definitely do your research on the process of home distilling before you purchase your starter moonshine still. The process involves chemicals, heat, and pressure so the quality in materials and construction of your home moonshine still is very important. Also, consider what you plan to use for heat sources, as some of the home distiller kits are more suited for particular heat sources (ie. induction heat) and how much room you have in your home to set up your beginner moonshine still. Happy moonshining!

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Jackie Parker

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